Order Types

Orders are offers that are sent via a trading platform to enter or exit a transaction. Let’s see what types of orders are out there and how they can be used in your favor.

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Market Orders (Buy, Sell)


They are executed instantly at a price provided by the broker here and how. It is the most widely-used type of order. You come to the market, buy/sell assets at their current prices, and exit the trade when your conditions are fulfilled. At A1 Capitals, we execute all your orders in real-time with no delays!

Pending Orders

Buy Limit
Buy Stop
Sell Limit
Sell Stop

These orders are executed by the system at a specified price and time pre-set by a trader:

Buy Limit

Means that you are purchasing an asset at a lower price than the current one.

Buy Stop

Means that you purchase an asset at a higher price than its current one.

Sell Limit

Implies selling it at a price higher than the current one.

Sell Stop

Is for selling the asset at a lower price than the current one.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Orders

These orders can be added to the market and pending orders and allow you to ensure your profits and keep funds safe from losses:

Take Profit

Closes your position once a price you were aiming for was reached.

Stop Loss

Closes your position when the price falls to a certain level in order to secure your funds and not lose more.

OCO (One Cancels the Other) Order

It is a special order that combines the functionality of the two above-mentioned ones. It implies canceling one of them when the opposite is activated.

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Risk warning

Trading CFDs and spot contracts involves a high level of risk. CFDs trading may not be suitable for you. Therefore, make sure that you fully take into account all financial and legal aspects and accept the risk of loss that may occur in the investment process. If necessary you should seek legal advice.



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