What Are Stocks (Shares)?

Stocks are the ownership shares for a company. Shareholders or stockholders are people who own them. Public companies issue stocks that can be purchased by anyone as a type of investment, and they have a certain price on the market. Investors can sell their stocks to someone willing to benefit from buying them and waiting until their price gets higher.

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What Are Stock CFDs?

These are agreements between a trader and a broker based on the difference of the entry and exit share value. There are no limits to trading time, as you don’t need to conduct direct transactions on the stock market. Unlike traditional stock trading, working with CFDs is more convenient and can be done fully online from any place on Earth.

The performance of this instrument directly depends on the underlying asset price movement.

Why should I
Choose CFDs?


Unlike typical buying stocks when you benefit from only the increasing share values, buying and selling stock CFDs empowers you to earn even in a falling market.


You don’t own these shares, which opens vast opportunities for trading. Choose any stock you want or even several ones and increase earnings significantly.


You can trade 24 hours per day as in the Forex market.


The market liquidity is very attractive for beginners and seasoned traders.

How to Trade Stock CFDs?


Choose one or more stocks you’d like to trade. Ground your decision on the knowledge and the latest news about the market and the company.


Choose a strategy (intraday, swing trading, position trading, etc.) or create yours. There are fees to keep your CFDs positions overnight, so consider them in the strategy.


Watch the upcoming events of this company, find analytical forecasts and conduct your own analysis to find out whether stock prices will skyrocket or fall.


Leverage your trading to get the most of trading with lower capital. Set protective orders to keep your finance safe.

Generally, stock CFDs can be used for the trader’s advantage as other derivative instruments. If you’re keen on fundamental analysis and have all means to predict the price growth or decrease, try yourself in trading stock contracts for differences with A1 Capitals!

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Risk warning

Trading CFDs and spot contracts involves a high level of risk. CFDs trading may not be suitable for you. Therefore, make sure that you fully take into account all financial and legal aspects and accept the risk of loss that may occur in the investment process. If necessary you should seek legal advice.



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