What is Forex?

The foreign exchange, which is often named just FX or forex, is the world’s marketplace for exchanging currencies. They trade against each other, which allows market players to exchange pairs, for example, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, or USD/JPY.

It is the most liquid global market due to the global reach of trade. The price of each pair changes every day considering economic events, so traders can speculate on these movements by setting orders on buying or selling currency pairs.

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Why Choose Forex?


The market is open 24/5 during weekdays

You can trade anytime you like, depending on the currency pairs and trading sessions. It opens at 9 PM GMT on Sunday and works until 9 PM GMT on Friday.

The volume of the Forex market

The volume of the Forex market is now more than $6.6 trillion per day, and its worth is around $2.4 quadrillion. That’s why anyone can find their place in this market.

High liquidity

High liquidity means that any asset can be converted into money asap. Considering tight spreads (the difference between the bid price for buyers and the ask price for sellers) and low transaction costs, Forex deals are even more lucrative.

Leveraged trading

Leveraged trading, which suits experts, can multiply profit. For example, if you use a 100:1 leverage, you can control a $100.000 trade using only $1000 from your capital.

Choose Convenient
Trading Sessions

Choose any convenient time for placing deals and earning money! The market opens first in Australia, then trading in Asia begins, going next to Europe and proceeding to the US. It means that the movement of prices of specific currency pairs may differ due to various economic events in these parts of the world. However, all this gives an opportunity for every trader to make money.

Trade Major and Exotic
Currency Pairs

There are major and exotic pairs you can trade:


The majors always include USD. There are 7 of them -


The exotic ones are more volatile and sometimes lack liquidity. They represent currencies of developing countries and one of the major currencies. The most popular exotic pairs are


Benefit from Any
Market Movement

Traders can earn not only when the price is glowing and they buy low and sell high. There is a chance to make money if the economy is receding.


Bulls or “bullish” traders expect the price to increase. They commonly open long positions and wait until the price grows, and then sell the asset with profit. The majority of traders are bulls, as the increase in the economy can be forecasted relatively simply. If the economy is on the rise, GDP is rising, and there are generally positive events, the price for a currency may grow and bring profits to such traders.


Bears of “bearish” traders choose an opposite, more pessimistic strategy and benefit from lowering the price. They sell assets to buy them cheaper when they fall. This style is less popular due to high market volatility and possible threats. Bears focus on negative economic news.

There are also several trading styles, a handful of popular strategies you can use, recommendations on using indicators, and other tips that you can discover in our ‘Trading Tools section. Learn more about Forex trading, pips, bids, spreads, trading indicators, and leverage by visiting ‘Trading for Beginners’ and ‘eBooks’ pages.

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Risk warning

Trading CFDs and spot contracts involves a high level of risk. CFDs trading may not be suitable for you. Therefore, make sure that you fully take into account all financial and legal aspects and accept the risk of loss that may occur in the investment process. If necessary you should seek legal advice.



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